Saving information forever

Saving information forever

If you believe that the future is uncertain then there is all the more reason to ensure that your official files and documents remain safe and secure, because you never know what might happen to them in future and when you may need them. If you have relied so far on paper filing, you need to change your views about document storage now, as document scanning can offer you the following benefits:

• Document scanning ensures that all the information contained in your files remain safe and secure.
• This helps you to save precious office floor space, which is right now occupied by endless number of filing cabinets. • The documents scanned can be accessed and shared by any authorized member of the staff.
• Document scanning enables each one of your employees, no matter where they are physically located, to access the information when needed.
• This increases productivity by cutting down on time wasted in filing, copying, sending by courier, etc.
• Most importantly, paper files are liable to be destroyed with time. They are susceptible to permanent damage caused by natural calamities like fire and floods. Whereas, digital storage ensures that your documents can be preserved forever, without any additional security measures.

The scanning industry too has evolved over the years. Earlier people had to invest in high-priced scanners to keep record of their official documents. Today you can even use you digital camera to scan your documents and then store the images in your computer using the USB cable. This immediately helps you save money on expensive and bulky digital scanners for the office.

The best part about digital cameras is they are portable. From DSLRs to cameras smaller in size to your cell phone cameras – all are capable of scanning your documents. The image quality should also be good enough considering the high resolutions available with the modern digital cameras. Though portable, digital cameras used for scanning documents may have some drawbacks. For example cameras with your cell phone may not have the right resolution for proper picture quality. Even a shaky hand can spoil the scanning.

All these problems are resolved if you invest in a high resolution digital scanner. The picture quality is superb and there are no chances of any portion getting cut off. You do not even need to focus etc. Though slightly bulky, document scanners are the best option, if you want high quality images for storage. Not just text documents, you can scan colored or black and white images, negatives and so on.

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