Reasons to consider document scanning

Reasons to consider document scanning

Digitalization is the name of the game. Most businesses are converting their important documents from paper to the electronic format by using the scanning and imaging process. If you are still looking for valid reasons for document scanning, here are some good pointers which can help you make up your mind:

• You are one step into the future with document scanning: Days are over for microfilms. These records must be converted into a digital format before microfilm readers become obsolete.

• Complete security: You are in complete control in matters related to the confidentiality and security of information that your documents hold. In fact, according to statutes contained in HIPAA and FACTA you cannot afford to make any private and classified information leak out in any way. With document scanning, you can store all the important information in the computer, the access to which can be changed as often as you like. The kind of information each employee in your office is looking at can also be tracked.

• Document scanning allows you to retrieve old documents faster than any other method of storage.

• Your documents are saved in case there is burglary, fire or floods affecting the premises. Your scanned documents can be backed up to a different server regularly, to ensure complete and long time security.

• Document scanning allows your employees to connect on a particular project from different and remote geographical locations with ease.

• With document scanning, you are also helping the environment. Computer storage consumes less energy than storing documents in climate-controlled storage units.

• Document scanning helps you to disseminate information to a wider audience instantly. No more copying and sending by couriers. Employees and other stake holders can access information instantly via e mail.

• Document scanning saves a lot of time and increases productivity. Employees no longer have to hunt for particular information rummaging through endless files, etc. Records stored electronically do not take any time for retrieval.

• Office space is expensive and rare. With scanning you are saving precious office space. Scanned documents do not take up any space in the office.

• Finally document scanning saves you a lot of money in terms of staff salary for filing loads of documents, searching for information and finally retrieving them.

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