Questions to ask before selecting a document shredding service

Questions to ask before selecting a document shredding service

You are convinced about the importance of hiring the services of a professional document shredding company. But do you know what to look for, to get the best deal? Here are 10 pointers to guide you in the right direction:

1. How often do you need the eservices of the document shredding company? While some need it once in a few weeks, some are happy with one service once in a few months. However you need to check whether they have call in service when you need them.

2. There is always a possibility that the need for document shredding comes up unexpectedly, as a huge volume of paper has been generated which need to be destroyed. Would the company be available for such call in service? If yes, how time prior notice do they need?

3. Would the company provide you with free containers, placed strategically, for ease of use? If needed, can they provide extra containers without charging anything extra? Check for the quality of such containers and whether they are lockable or not.

4. Check whether the shredding services follow the strict security standards as instituted by the National Association of Information Destruction (NAID). This is the highest authority in the shredding industry. You must know whether the shredding company is NAID-certified.

5. The company should provide you with a Certificate of Destruction which is an important legal document, immediately after they have undertaken a shredding assignment. This document should be duly signed by the Company representative, dated, stamped and the method of destruction should be mentioned with a reference number. Some shredding companies provide this certificate every time while some may give this along with their monthly invoice.

6. Ensure whether the actual shredding operation is done in the company of one of your representatives. This needs a viewing monitor which allows you to watch the shredding.

7. Are you obliged to sign a long-term contract with the shredding company? There are several companies which do not require any signing of any contract.

8. What about their payment terms? Do they want you to pay upfront before any services are rendered?

9. Check what kind of materials they destroy. For example CDs. DVDs, X-ray plates, etc may need to be destroyed – would they do these jobs too?

10. Finally check whether the shredding services is bonded and insured. This is because you would need insurance, especially if you are a large company.

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