Public Warehousing and Supply Chain Management

Public Warehousing and Supply Chain Management

A company incorporates warehouse facets in its supply chain area related to logistics in order to find the greatest efficiency for its business. Companies sometimes need to outsource various facets of their business to a 3rd party. This is done to better adapt to its expanding business needs, and to be able to offer an unlimited amount of expansions to its customers on a widespread basis. Public warehouses assist in this growth, since they act as a medium between the steps of supply chain, from the suppliers to the customers. These warehouses are very important to a business, because they give a company the needed space for storing goods, the responsibility for protecting these goods, and the personnel needed to track inventory and keep the business and its customers informed about the current and/ or past inventory. Many companies do not have the staff hired to perform these tasks, especially in the process of growth. This is the reason that they outsource to a reputable public warehouse that is both insured and bonded. The main element of concern is to investigate the references and past rental history of the warehouse in order to make sure that the selected warehouse lives up to the standards in which the company expects. When this is successful, a company’s supply chain management will also be successful.

Companies need more allotted space during peak times, such as holiday occasions, in order to run as smoothly as other non-peak times. Through technology, communication closely binds the company and the warehouse together to solve problems and make the company more proficient for its customers’ needs. This can be accomplished through the assistance of a well run and /or organized public warehouse facility. This type of 3rd party operation aides a company during expansion years and global growth. This flexibility that a public warehouse offers is a great asset to any company.

The supply chain concept starts at the beginning of a product’s cycle, with the natural resources and raw materials, thus progresses through all of the steps that are incorporated in providing the finished product to the customer. The storage facilities of public warehouses play a vital role within the supply chain process. The warehouse’s demographic location, technology, communications tools, and efficient employees help to strengthen a company’s supply chain management that is a basis for the growth and strength of a company.

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