Public Warehouse vs. Self Storage

Private Warehouse vs. Self Storage

Public storage pertains to any material that is stored at a public facility. When a company contracts the services of a public warehouse, this is defined as contracting the storage of products in a warehouse, other than on the company premises. This public warehouse is used to decrease a company’s cost by outsourcing.

Although public warehouses were widely used in the past, their use seems to be once again on the rise. This is partly due to the extra space that a company needs, coupled by the elements of convenience. This theory of outsourcing for less to get excellence through a 3rd party is fast becoming the way of thinking. So, public storage is more efficient than self storage, due to the fact that a company’s space and employees are not used for storage processes, as well as the extra costs and time incurred with the training of these associates.

Business executives today seem to feel that specialized departmental staff is more apt to efficiently “get the job done”, than are those”Jack of all trade” employees. This makes sense, since those associates trained for expertise in one or two areas should be more proficient in their designated areas than employees who are not specifically trained in a designated and/ or specified field. It can be compared to the field of medicine, where a physician is either general or a specialist. It is a common practice that when an illness cannot be determined by a general physician, a specialist in that particular field is called upon to exhibit his/her expertise. The same scenario holds true in business related matters. This is why the staff of a public warehouse is preferred by many companies; their specially trained staff is trained in various fields for a high level of excellence and successful end results.

The trend in today’s society is to become educated , certified, and/ or trained in a particular field, and that is just what public warehouse employees exhibit, their knowledge in a single field pertaining to the supply chain system. From issues relating to technology to distribution and all tasks in between, these staff members help to communicate and/ or interact thus sharing their skills with the company and customers involved. This is what makes their work such a vital part of a company’s successful supply chain process. With this in mind, one can see why a company contracts a public warehouse facility, instead of using its own self storage (in – house) facility. The advantages speak for themselves.

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