Public warehouse selection

Public warehouse selection

The selection of a public warehouse can be a very difficult and timely matter; however there are a few considerations to examine to make this job a little easier. One thing to consider is the concept that” space is money”, especially when related to a public warehouse property. When the storage of items is quickly needed, such as a short term (seasonal) period, then a public warehouse is the solution. When seeking the services of a public warehouse, no added inventory must be encountered, because this is one function that the warehouse encompasses. This saves the leasee both time and money, since no employees need to be trained for the purpose of taking inventory, and other relevant jobs related to the distribution of products.

Another facet of consideration is the inside environmental conditions related to the warehouse. The correct temperature must be established on a year round basis. For example, there must be a constant or steady temperature where heat is involved in winter conditions and air-conditioning must be provided in hot summery situations. The temperature in a public warehouse must constantly be monitored, so as to not damage the stored products. When food items are stored, refrigeration storage units should be available for all of those items needed, with available refrigeration and/ or freezer units. There should be emergency electric generators, so as to keep the desired temperature in a constant state.

It is imperative that the staff of the warehouse provides a pleasant atmosphere while initiating an excellent door-to-door service. This makes for more efficiency for the business and a better customer service relationship between the business, warehouse, and the clients.

Another factor that a prospective lease looks for when opting to rent from a public warehouse is the safety and well being of its goods that are to be stored. It is imperative that the warehouse have good insurance with a clause in the contractual agreement that all materials be covered with total replacement to the lease. The warehouse should also be bonded to insure that the monies are available to the lease to replace the lost and/ or damaged goods.

It is vital to check the proximity of the warehouse in regard to the shipping methods that are to be used. If a business’ distribution is to be within the local area, then the warehouse should be readily accessible to the highways that will be used for the transports, however if the distribution uses air or sea, then the warehouse should be near a major airport or port.

With all of these elements in mind, a business should not be disappointed with its choices when selecting a public warehouse, especially if these factors are carefully considered and/ or investigated prior to contracting this 3rd party storage facility.

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