Importance of document shredding

Importance of document shredding

Today retaining confidentiality of any document can be ensured through document shredding. In fact, legal statute demands that every organization, no matter how big or small, should regularly destroy documents which are not meant for the public eye. This not only keeps the operations of the business safe, but also protects consumers and the members of the general public safe from identity theft, financial frauds, etc. Yet, there are many people who do document shredding themselves. Have you ever thought of hiring the services of mobile document shredding services? This could make very good and wise business sense. Here are some reasons which you could be looking for:

• Security and speed of destruction: Get rid of the usual headache about issues like security and speed, when you want to destroy huge volumes of documents. We are talking about containers which are self-locked. All you have to do is to throw the relevant documents in the container, along with binders, staple pins, etc. They are destroyed beyond recognition within seconds.

• Save on money: because of the enormous capacity of the mobile shredding trucks, you save the money you would have otherwise spent on dedicating an employee to do the shredding within the office, using the office document shredder. This is not only labor intensive but also not a very secure method. Consider the cost saving on the paper shredder. None of them are very cheap!

• Today it is mandatory as per the FTC Safeguards Rule of the GLB Act for every organization to undertake document shredding on a regular basis. A mobile document shredding company allows you to watch on a screen the documents that are being shredded and at the end of every program provides you with a Certificate of Destruction. With such professionally destroyed papers, you run no risk of exposing any confidential information to anyone who might misuse them.

• You are helping with the green movement: The shredded paper is then recycled to make other paper products. Even if one tree is less destroyed, you are doing your bit to save the environment.

• Professionalism and complete reliability guaranteed.

• Non-compliance with proper shredding could lead your company to irreparable damage of image and reputation.

• Mobile paper shredding offers better security than offsite shredding as here you can watch the complete destruction, before the papers leave your premises.

• Proper shredding done at the right time makes your business operations run more efficiently and your employees work in a clutter-free environment.

• Ensuring complete peace of mind – you are 100% sure that the information of your business, customers or employees can never be retrieved by anyone, once shredded.

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