Document shredding service confidentiality agreement

Document shredding service confidentiality agreement

Did you know that entering into a Confidentiality Agreement is the only way you can safeguard your interests when hiring the service of a document shredding company? You are hiring the services of such a company, because you want to protect the privacy of various types of information contained in your documents. You could be doing this exercise out of legal necessity or because shredding of documents could mean profits for your organization. Whatever the reasons for document shredding, you need the support and cooperation of shredding services to achieve your business goals. This is the reason why a Confidentiality Agreement between you and the shredding company is so important.

Given the importance of the assignment the shredding company is going to undertake, you should have a legally valid Confidentiality Agreement ready before you actually set out looking for shredding services. Such companies should be willing to sign on any agreement made by their client. Some professional and reputed shredding services have their own Confidentiality Agreement drafted out and kept ready, since this paper is part of their business deal with any and every client.

Perhaps the most important point to remember when you are getting in to an arrangement with a document shredding company is that you are getting into a situation where your company is at its vulnerable worst. This is because you are exposing the most confidential details to rank outsiders who could easily exploit the contents of the documents to their advantage. Therefore you need to be completely sure that you do not leave any loopholes by which there can be a breach of trust. Somebody senior in the management of your company should ideally sign the Confidentiality Agreement when you first hire the services of a shredding company.

Officially signing the Confidentiality Agreement is not the end all and be all of the process. You just cannot allow any or everyone from the shredding company to visit your premises to shred documents. Every employee of the shredding company who is expected to visit your premises is required to sign a Confidentiality or Secrecy Agreement individually. Only then can you trust the company in its entirety.

In case any employee of the shredding company is not agreeable to sign the individual Confidentiality Document, it is in your interest that you cease to have anything to do with this company. If the shredding company is reputed and wish to generate good business relation with their clients, they ought to know that this is a standard procedure and no one from their company can deny or refuse to abide by this procedure.

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