Document Shredding In an Era of Electronic Storage

Document Shredding In an Era of Electronic Storage

One of the most important tasks for a large company, dealing with a wide variety of customer information is to keep them as safely as possible. Customers who part with their personal information do so with the implicit faith that they would not be tampered with or leaked to any other person or institution, be it by chance or choice.

The laws against breaking this confidentiality and security of information are also very stringent. Customers can file expensive lawsuits against a corporation who have failed to keep their personal information safe and secure. The penalties are severe and this is the reason why companies insist on destroying all evidence of existing papers which contain either full or part of such confidential information shared with them by their customers. They usually deploy commercial document shredding services regularly to do this important task for them.

You may argue that in these days of electronic storage of data and information, why need document shredding? Here you need to understand that there are several industries, especially those dealing with legal and medical records that always need hard copies of information provided by the client or generated through various evidences or procedures. Even if majority of the data are stored in computers, these organizations cannot do with out paper copies. Moreover, law protects all the information stored in documents. Incidentally, according to HIPPA laws, it is also stipulated that all documents must face ultimate destruction and disposal, for security reasons.

However document shredding does not begin and end with a simple shredding activity. It has been seen that several times companies have been taken to court, because the same documents which they put in the paper shredder have been retrieved and reconstructed! Remember, garbage is public property and anyone with evil on his mind, can easily play mischief, putting the entire organization in to grave trouble by reconstructing shredded documents. On the other hand, a professional shredding company ensures that all documents are not only shredded but disposed off permanently, so that not an inch of any paper can ever be retrieved.

In case you are a business owner and wondering about he cost implications of hiring the services of a document shredding company, you have to keep in mind that this cost is perhaps only a small fraction of the total cost you would have to bear in the event of managing a lawsuit, if some classified information about your customers or your company gets leaked to the press, competitors or any other adversary within the industry. Hence you need to look at commercial document shredding as a wise investment for your business, over and above storing information in the computer.

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