Document shredding for law firms

Document shredding for law firms

If document shredding is important to reduce an organization’s corporate liabilities, then companies dealing with legal matters treat paper shredding as one of their primary moral responsibilities. This is because any legal document would invariably contain important private and confidential information about people and incidents. This is the reason any law firm would normally hire the services of professional onsite shredding services to protect the confidentiality of information related to their clients.

Who are these onsite documents shredding companies and what do they do? These companies work onsite and travel with heavy duty paper shredders who visit the law firms and destroy the identified documents.

Incidentally, law firms are obliged and bound by law to destroy all confidential papers pertaining to their clients. In case such confidential information gets leaked, the law firms are held responsible for breach of trust. This in turn can mar the reputation of law firms forever.

The biggest advantage about these onsite document shredding companies is that they work extremely fast. Since the volume of paper generated per day is enormous, the shredding company is expected to be equipped with heavy duty paper shredders which can deliver the desired results extremely quickly. Such shredders are very different from smaller machines which are more suitable for a home office or smaller organizations.

Document shredding involves several steps. These onsite shredding services ensure that the papers once shredded, would also be disposed off in such a manner that they are impossible to be retrieved. Such charges for disposal are also included in their service contract. Disposal of the paper scrap is as important as the shredding, since many times in the past, papers shredded have been retrieved and reconstructed, since the disposal was not proper.

In case you are looking for onsite shredding companies, ensure that you include confidentiality clauses in the agreement that you sign with them. They need to give you contractually and legally valid assurances that the paper they shred and dispose would never be leaked and can never be retrieved or reconstructed. Once you have the services of such a company on board, you could convey this to your clients, as this can help you build confidence in your customers.

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