Document Shredding Basics

Document Shredding Basics

Those days are gone when you had to store all confidential documents in a mighty safe, innocuously hidden behind a large oil-painting, the keys to which were only with the custodian of the vault. Today you have smart document shredders – which can retain the confidentiality of every document which you want to keep away from prying eyes. In fact, some document shredding machines cut the documents in such tiny shreds (less than one third of an inch) that no body can put together the document even if all the pieces were retrieved.

Be that as it may, not many of us are too knowledgeable about the kind of shredder that we should get for the home or the office. There are various types of document shredders of varying capabilities which are suitable for either the home office or even larger commercial units. For your small home business, you could even think of buying a home document shredding unit which can fit inside a drawer when not in use. The heavy duty machines can shred up to 12 documents at a time from 3 users. This is a good way of getting rid of useless offers from credit card companies. Even when they are useless, by not shredding them you might become a victim of identity theft, which is completely avoidable.

Document shredders are available in two categories: the first type cuts the documents into long strips and all other types of shredders crosscuts the papers, the only difference being the size of the crosscut. For example a shredder might shred the documents into at least one half inch pieces, making it tough for retrieval. These are called confetti shredders. The shredder which shreds into really tiny cuts is the micro cut machine which cuts the pieces in the size of one third of an inch in length and less than one sixth of an inch in terms of width. However, the portable shredders are usually strip cut shredders. The best form of disposal is to load the shreds in separate garbage containers.

Document shredders used by commercial offices are stronger and can perform heavy duty. At times to ensure security and confidentiality of the customer, companies use pulverizing machines. These machines actual pulverize the document into paper dust. If you are thinking of getting a strip cut shredder, remember that documents can be easily reconstructed, if the pieces are disposed off in one garbage bag.

The document shredder which can guarantee maximum security is the confetti or micro cut shredder. Buying one of these shredders is not a problem with several online retailers offering them on the internet. You can compare the brands, its features, prices and discounts at some sites which can make the job of procuring a paper shredder easy for you. Ultimately, you have to think of the volume of paper you have to dispose off in a day and the other features of the shredder which would suit your need best.

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