Document shredder types for your organization

Document shredder types for your organization

Corporate espionage, identity thefts, stealing critical financial and personal information are now everyday news. Protecting your business interests and that of your employees and customers is therefore something which you simply cannot ignore. As if this was not all, now there are federal laws binding every organization to destroy every type of document, before discarding them. However, even if you realize the importance of document shredding, to choose the right type of paper shredder which can suit your needs in terms of security and strength, might be a challenging task. There are several types of paper shredders in the market and the information given below is aimed to help you to get a grip over this important matter:

• Security is minimal for shredders which are called either strip cut or straight cut shredders. Obviously, these machines are gradually getting obsolete. Though these machines shred the paper in to strips, some computer whiz kids can actually piece them together and reconstruct the shredded document.

• Slightly better in terms of security are the diamond or confetti cut shredders, which as the name suggests, shreds the document in tiny confetti-shaped pieces. The size of such chips would depend on the design of the machine. For greater security, it is better to go for smallest size chips.

• Though the mechanism of action is similar to cross cut shredders, the micro cut shredders cut the pieces into much smaller sizes. This makes it completely impossible for any person to recreate the document once again.

• The kind of top security shredders used by the Defense Department or the National Security Administration, are the DOD/NSA high security shredders. Though the running mechanism is similar to cross cut shredders, but the emerging pieces are so tiny that no text matter can be deciphered from these machines. Guaranteeing maximum security, these paper shredders are obviously also the costliest in the market.

The information given above would hopefully equip you with the relevant knowledge required to buy the right of document shredding machine that you need for your use. While you go out to shop for the shedding machine, remember that there is software available these days which can piece together any shredded document, even if they are shredded. Therefore you have to ensure that the emerging pieces of shreds are as tiny as possible. Only then can you get the security that you are looking for. You also need to keep in mind that the higher the level of security guaranteed, higher is the price of the machine.

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