Deciding to engage a public warehouse

Deciding to engage a public warehouse

The responsibility of whether to take on added storage space lies solely with the business involved. This decision can only be made by the CEO or more likely the entrepreneur, since most public warehouses are the decision of a small or medium sized business. Before a public warehouse is contracted, this 3rd party type of outsourcing must be carefully weighed by the controlling individual associated with the business. One factor that must be examined is the intrusion of total strangers into the company’s trade secrets and inventory problems and/ or issues. This can be discerning, especially for a small business that has been previously operated by its passionate and/ or dedicated staff. The thoughts of continued excellent service in relation to the inventory and customers involved are what are bothersome. This can be a scary proposition for an entrepreneur who takes pride in his/her own “excellence in service”. However, if a reputable warehouse facility, operated by a devoted staff, is hired, then the service will continue to be superb. Another chief concern, pertaining to a small business, is that its “personal touch” might be lost. This is something that very well might happen with a public warehouse, unless its staff is geared to supply that so called individualized “ special “ feeling. This, however takes time, and time is money, so this is a legitimate concern ashen initiating a contract with a public warehouse. Many customers strive on such things, which help create customer loyalty to the business. It is much harder to accomplish with a 3rd party involved. Although it still can be done with careful planning and the right warehouse staff.

Another concern when deciding upon the services of a public warehouse is an emotional one. The feeling of “losing control” is a concern, especially for an entrepreneur who has spent most of his/ her professional life building the business. “Letting go” is always hard to do in any relationship, especially a passionate business one.

Yet another concern is that of taking the company’s inventory off of its premises. Just the thought of this creates an unfamiliar and uneasy feeling for any passionate entrepreneur. However, if a reputable warehouse is contracted, these feelings will be eased. Depending upon the location of the business is whether or not there is actually a public warehouse that will be accessible and at the same time meet the needs of a business. This is also a big factor and one that must be considered.

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