Reduce workplace stress through records management

Plain white paper boxes are a familiar sight in most offices around the world today. These standard size containers pile up faster than bricks on a building, and begin to rival your office building in height. What many managers don't realize is that these plain paper boxes, filled with old documents , are encroaching on their employee’s workspaces. Studies show that visual clutter can actually create stress in humans. Closed spaces create anxiety, and every box that gets put in the stack creates even more stress. Walls of paper form and start to close in - people literally start to feel trapped by it all!

Thankfully, by practicing proper record management techniques, you can eliminate all the clutter - not to mention the tension - building up in your office! There are a variety of record management services available to help fight the incessant waves of invading paper documents. A certified record management specialist will help you build a plan to free up the rest of your office space once and for all. There are two basic steps to take when dealing with a cluttered workplace.

The first step involves identifying documents which are no longer necessary and destroying them. For small jobs, a typical commercial shredder – available at most office supply stores – will work just fine. Be sure to avoid shredders which cut the pages into long strips, as these strips can be put back together by a patient thief. Larger jobs should be assigned to a specialist. Most good records management firms offer some sort of shredding or other document destruction service. You can relax knowing that your unnecessary documents are gone for good.

The second step towards reducing stress is to move as many of the remaining documents as possible to an off-site location. Some of these documents are best moved to a secure record storage facility, where they will be protected in their original paper form, until they are needed sometime in the future. For files which need to be accessed more frequently, electronic scanning of your documents may be the way to go. Electronic files may also reduce stress by being more accessible than stored paper documents. It is much easier and faster, after all, to search for a file on your computer than it is to search for the same file amongst boxes full of paper records. By practicing proper records management techniques, you will never find yourself scrambling to find files ever again!

Now you understand what needs to be done to clean up your office and create a more relaxing and productive work environment- all while enjoying the peace of mind knowing your records are safe and accounted for. Don’t panic! Records management doesn’t have to be hard work. Specialists are ready to help you turn your office into the office of your dreams. Don’t delay! Contact Corporate Storage Services for more information.


The importance of document security and records management

Although often overlooked, records management plays a vital role in running a successful business. Paperwork and computer data outline every transaction made by your business, and keeping all of this information organized and accurate is key to success. The safety of your personal and business records is of the utmost importance. Let's take a minute to examine how the most common threats to your sensitive information can be prevented through proper document management.

Avoiding Accidents:

By storing your important documents in a safe, climate-controlled environment, you avoid the risks of lost, stolen or damaged records. Whether you decide to store your documents yourself, or rent space in and off-site file storage facility, make sure the storage facility is suitable for such a purpose. Storage rooms should be clean, and ideally, used exclusively for storage. A good storage area will be out of the way and secure. While the chances of an item in your office getting lost or damaged on a given day is small, many stored documents have very long life spans. Important documents - everything from board meeting minutes, to medical records, to tax and financial data - need to be kept around for years, if not indefinitely. As time marches on, the odds of these documents being misplaced, damaged, or tampered with increases.

Preventing Fraud and theft:

Two records management techniques – certified shredding and off-site storage- are aimed at keeping your sensitive information secure. Did you know that a staggering percentage of accounting and other fraud in the United States is perpetrated by the victim company’s own employees. Despite popular belief, most fraud does not involve any sort of elaborate scheme or cover-up. In many cases, the perpetrator is simply in need of extra cash when he happens upon some financial documents lying about the office; these documents contain information such as credit cards numbers, tax ids, bank account information and more. Whether carelessly strewn about, or stored neatly in paper boxes, leaving such documents in plain sight is poor records management practice. To remedy the situation, consider storing your financial and other sensitive documents in a safe, secure, off-site records storage facility.

For documents with a short lifespan, also consider a secure shredding service. Most records management firms offer some sort of certified shredding service. With this service, your office receives bins. Simply fill the bins with your unnecessary paperwork, then call your records management firm to come pick them up and replace the bins with new ones. You can rest assured knowing that your sensitive documents will be destroyed before they fall into the wrong hands.

Records management can free up your office space

Do you have a stack of boxes in your office? How about a room full? Are you being taken over by the endless stream of incoming paperwork? With proper records management, these problems are easily solved. Take a look at some of the benefits of proper records management, and the ways these solutions can help set your business free.

Create space. You can do almost anything with the space you will save through proper document management. Just imagine what could sit in place of that stack of paper boxes in your office. What would you like to place there? More equipment? How about another employee? By practicing proper records management, you may find acquiring more equipment and more personnel IS possible without having to move to a bigger space. Records management is not just for businesses. At home, you can reclaim your supply closet, start using the extra bedroom again, or finally be able to park your car in the garage. The possibilities are endless!

Save money. Office space is expensive. So is the mortgage on your home. Why reduce your square footage when you can store you items in an off-site facility? While storage in a secure facility is not free, neither is your rent or mortgage. Space in a secure off-site warehouse can be dramatically cheaper per square foot than office or living space.

Reduce stress. Studies show that visual clutter is distracting and stressful. By effectively managing your records, your home or office will be less cluttered, and ultimately, less stressful. For added piece of mind, consider storing your most important and sensitive documents in a secure, dedicated, off-site records storage facility.

Increase productivity. Instead of having to store and manage physical paper files, also consider the benefits of digital scanning. The electronic files created through digital scanning take up virtually no space. Moreover, digital files are more accessible and easier to mange than traditional paper records. Regular office scanners may work well for just a few documents, but for larger projects it is often advisable to call in a specialist. Many records management firms offer digital scanning services at very competitive rates.

We have seen the benefits of several records management services. Through the use of these techniques, you can enjoy a happier, more secure, and more productive work environment. Records management specialists are waiting to get to work for you right now, so don’t delay! Set your home or office free.

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